For the old world globe effect- but with a new age LED set up.

LED-bulb_channeled_PVC LED-bulb_channeled_PVC LED-bulb_channeled_PVC

If you would like to purchase LEDS and transformers we are happy to supply. We are also happy to manufacture lettering or illuminated acrylic boxes with LEDs installed

Colour changing LEDs, can make a great light-box even more unique. With a handy remote, to control the lighting. It has the option to be many colours or one colour at the touch of a button. Normal power outlet is all that's required.

Here's just a close-up of how we embed our LED's to give the best illumination with no dark/bright spots. Our LED work is superior.

Displayed above is one of many varieties of light-box we produce. This black, composite panel light box, is illuminated. Using thick, opal lettering as push-through letters, the letters themselves light up, while the black composite panel is coated with a solid white inside -- allowing luminescent acrylic letters to shine. The box itself, a single, piece of composite panel encapsulates the LED's and the required transformer. The acrylic lettering is adhered from behind, and the lightweight material is a sturdy, light-weight alternative to to the solid acrylic light-boxes we're so often fabricating. Composite panel can be both waterproof and weatherproof; it won't fade, and similar to acrylic: it's much stronger than glass. Composite panel is neither transparent nor frosted, but a solid color (black, white, mirror/silver, gold).

3D Acrylic Fabrication with Vinyl Applied. Bulmer’s Original Cider mascot fabrication finished with Vinyl and LED’s applied…. …And here’s a work-in-progress, we’re really happy with how this turned out! Contact Showcase Plastics to discuss your sign now!


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