LED Illumination


At Showcase Plastics & Displays, we take pride in our ability to provide comprehensive and energy-efficient Illuminated signage solutions for a variety of signage types, tailored exclusively to the needs of the sign trade industry. Our extensive expertise spans a multitude of applications, ensuring that your business stands out with visually stunning and high-quality signage.

Our LED illumination capabilities encompass a diverse array of products, including eye-catching lightboxes, 3D letters, ACM push-through boxes, impressive pylons, and engaging displays. These diverse options guarantee that we have the perfect solution to meet your specific signage requirements.

Face illuminated logo made from acrylic

We are dedicated to using only the finest Australian-sourced LEDs and reliable Meanwell transformers to deliver top-quality, dependable products for our clients. Our comprehensive LED range covers a spectrum of colour temperatures, ranging from a warm 3000K to a cool 8000K, as well as vivid red, green, and blue LEDs. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge RGB colour-changing LEDs, complete with an intuitive and easy-to-use remote, allowing for effortless control over your signage's illumination.

Showcase Plastics & Displays is unwaveringly committed to providing swift, dependable turnaround times, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. We understand the critical nature of efficient production and timely delivery within the sign trade industry, which is why we consistently prioritize these aspects in every project we undertake.

Discover the full potential of our LED illumination capabilities and elevate your signage to new levels of brilliance. Reach out to Showcase Plastics & Displays today to learn more about our innovative LED solutions and how we can help your business truly shine.


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Phone: 8790 3082 Email: ben@showcaseplastics.com.au