We manufacture custom 3D internally lit, solid; halo lit, illuminated and non illuminated signage. We can provide foam lettering, MDF lettering and acrylic cut out faces.

If it’s a special customised piece, a tradeshow display, a school project, a hobby item or because you haven’t been able to find the right piece

We stock a wide variety of colours and thicknesses of acrylic.If a colour is not currently instock, we are more than happy to order it in when required.

If you would like to purchase LEDS and transformers we are happy to supply. We are also happy to manufacture lettering or illuminated acrylic boxes with LEDs installed

We have a dedicated CNC router operator in house to do all your Router cutting. We cut simple and higher complexity patterns. one offs and multiples.

Light Boxes come in many varied shapes. We have done small desk versions and 13 meter versions. Whether LED or fluro lit, we can offer a quote on yours. Consider, aluminium, comp panel and all acrylic to name a few. We can quote illumination, painting, digital printed faces and customize to suit your needs.

Are you aware Showcase have an In house Spray booth and experienced painter for all you painting needs.

LED lit signage; Fabricated letters with the addition of acrylic discs to give the illusion of globes

We have a welder on staff who we use to weld up framing and supports for various projects. Powder coatings and spray-painting available now, also.

We don’t only provide 3D and flat acrylic lettering for your customers’ needs, we also do all manner of POS display work and acrylic shop fit out products.

Showcase plastics can produce your way finding and directional signs.

This is a special day & night (Casacryl) Sign. Its acrylic faces that show black in day and turn white at night and are illuminated via LEDs.

Stainless Steel lettering SS fabrication with Laser engraving on the surface PAINTING We have an on site spray booth/painter who can colour match to your needs. We can paint acrylic, aluminium and steel as needed if you would like that taken care of. Just note that when ordering the job, to allow time for drying […]

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