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We are ready to start a new year Fabricating at Showcase Plastics and Displays.

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We have come back with Vigour and a bigger team. Big enough to take on your work but not so big it’s an impersonal atmosphere.


We are looking forward to a productive year in the 3D signage and POS areas. We have come up with a new and exciting list of ideas that we hope to put into manufacture at some point soon.

Take a look at the football display box and see if it’s an idea for the ‘hard to buy for boyfriend’, or maybe you own a sports memorabilia shop and think this is a service you like to offer. We can sell trade to you and you can do your own mark up. We can make them all manner of shapes and sizes, we are also developing an illuminated version. For those with a little more to spend we could CNC Router cut one of the cabinet faces with a name of the sportsman you want to showcase and illuminate that.


If you are a sign company and are looking for a new supplier, we would like to be given the opportunity to quote your next job or next many jobs. Come down and see us for a more visual concept and talk to us about what we do.

We have a strong belief in doing what it is we do well. We have also identified what stands us apart from all the others and we believe it comes down to two simple things; Quality and Reliability. These are the words customers keep saying to us when they return.


Whether it be CNC routing, POS displays such as table talkers, condiment holders and menu holders or light box covers, whether it be a chain store needing 3D signage for a brand change or update or a one of signage customers job that you need to outsource to us, we will accommodate you. Our turnaround times, albeit fluctuating, are more than reasonable in this industry. We have great rapport with the Signage companies we supply to and have a very good reputation as a reliable supplier.


We work with Acrylic, Perspex, Composite panel, foam, PVC, MDF and a few other things down here at Showcase Plastics and Displays, so talk to us about your requirements.

Maybe you need a quote, or you just want to run an idea/request by us or perhaps you want to come and see some work in progress, just call and come and see us then.


Cindy or Madison would love to take your call or one of the boys may answer…we have a very hands on approach here.

‘PALING YARDS” front fence signage letters

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We are thrilled with the lettering and hope to have all in place by the end of this week.

Many, many thanks for your assistance with this and the ease of doing business.

Kind regards
Maxi Bell

The year end production

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We are coming up to christmas and it’s a very busy time at Showcase, we have all our crew working long hours getting all the work done, just like Santa Claus!

This is so that we are completely up to date come closing time over the christmas break.
We close for four weeks over that time, and will be hitting full production as soon as we are back, ready for all your work to come in.

A few facts of interest.

Perspex is a brand of acrylic, and not an interchangeable word for acrylic
Fabrication is not the cutting out of plastic; but the constructing of…adding the returns to the sides.
Acrylic is half the weight of glass; yet 10 times stronger.
There are two types of Acrylic Extruded and Cast Acrylic…we use the latter

Are you aware we supply to the industry, but are also happy to whip you up a display case for that signed footy you have, or to make you a set of drawer dividers for the kitchen, we can cut you a piece of acrylic for the garden shed/pergola as easily as we can cut your name out of acrylic.
We customise and can cut things out on the CNC multicam router, whether it be your address in acrylic or the name of your dog for his kennel.

Come in and see us or email us a file for a quote.


3805 VIC

Phone: (03) 8790 3082
Mobile: 0438 076 678

Phone: 8790 3082 Email: