We don’t only provide 3D and flat acrylic lettering for your customers’ needs, we also do all manner of POS display work and acrylic shop fit out products. As no two jobs are identical, we don’t display them all in the gallery. Ranging from lockable jewellery displays, display casings, business card holders and brochure stands through show display holders and acrylic step ups. We can accommodate all manner of customizations to suit; from the materials to the colour. Does a customer have a slat wall requiring shelving or acrylic steps? We can manufacture to your/their specifications. In this industry it’s nice to be able to get all of this in one place with people that are easy to deal with, so try us for your fabrication and CNC Routing needs. You will be surprised how easy we are to deal with, our turn around and professionalism. All our staff are capable and competent at meeting the job at hand with a quality approach and the turnaround time will be reliable, so your customers are also happy. We would like to offer you a free quote, should you need one. Showcase Plastics is both contactable by phone and e-mail, or simply drop in to discuss your job, if needed.

6 Stand Cupcake Acrylic Display Stand. This can hold enough cakes to Feed a crowd.

Football Display Custom Acrylic Cabinet. A football display customised to suit requirements. These can be fabricated as is or larger, smaller, taller and shorter. In black and clear or MDF and clear or just shelf/bench top variety. lid is detachable so you can always take it out to look at it should you desire. we are currently working on an illuminated model. Use for football / basketball / cricketball-bat / catchers mit or trophies. Not as expensive as you may think. come and have alook at it anytime.


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