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Janet Mills

// December 2nd, 2015 // Comments Off on Janet Mills // Testimonial

I always think my job requests are a pain and a bit odd. But nothing fazes you in your professionalism and you restore my faith in my crazy ideas.

You’ve been so amazingly helpful every time I have made a job request.
You guys are my Number One recommendation for all signage jobs.

Michelle Saud

// July 15th, 2014 // Comments Off on Michelle Saud // Testimonial

The customised cut out names / wording, are terrific and turn around time was a delight.

Lauren – cut to size customer

// July 15th, 2014 // Comments Off on Lauren – cut to size customer // Testimonial

You guys are too cheap

Acrylic Fabrication of signs and letters

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We manufacture

3D Signs either non illuminated or internally lit with a solid or halo lit effect.
We can provide foam, MDF and acrylic lettering as well as simple cut out faces.
Whether it be for your in house overflow or because you have all your fabrication outsourced, we can provide the service that’s right for you.


ACM Signage

An ACM brushed silver comp panel sign with push through lettering – black faces and opal returns.
It gives a halo effect when the LEDs are illuminated. An extremely modern, clean and effective use of materials , that give an eye catching result. The customer will always be pleased.
Whether you would like us to install the LEDs or just manufacture the signage, we are happy to supply.
There are a vast array of colours now available in the ACM material used.

Fabricated letters or 3D building signs

Showcase Plastics can create custom fabricated letters and logos. Your logo will stand out individually off the surface they are applied to.

They can add a lot of dimension to any logo, especially if they are illuminated.
They can be fully acrylic, have aluminium faces, acrylic faces on polystyrene bases even, many many options can be selected.



Anytime Fitness is yet another franchise most of us would recognize. Yet, another example of 3D lettering and LED’s we had installed in-house. A transparent opal face (as opposed to using a solid white) allows the LED’s to illuminate much brighter than a solid colour would allow. The faces of each letter here were cut on the CNC router, and the client has used a purple vinyl on top of the ‘running man’ logo, which too was cut from opal – allowing it to shine through both the acrylic and vinyl overlay.

Large or small 3D lettering comes out of the workshop, look into 3D letters on your next job.

These KK letters are bright, led illuminated and eye catching – nothing more for the sign company to do, other than install the job.

Restaurants and shops alike- always need to catch the customers eye.
ZIN VIE stands out for all the right reasons. Tell your customers 3D is not out of their reach.

Lettering often requires being painted from the rear- this is a silver finish, achieved on site by our experienced painter.

Letters, letters and more letters. Our specialty is definitely our 3D letters, illuminated or non illuminated. Ask for a quote.

One we all recognise.

Digital printing

We can also provide you with all your digital print needs.

The Beauty and Brow — Custom Fabricated Light Box

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photo 1-1

Showcase Plastics — Cut to Size Acrylic Melbourne

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Cut to Size Acrylic: Melbourne, operating out of Showcase Plastics and Displays in Narre Warren, Victoria, offers a large selection of acrylic colours and tints, with competitive prices, same day turnaround* and professional customer service. We offer a streamlined internet based cut-to-size service, with our automated calculator and free quote generator. Below, a printable graph detailing all of our current supplied stock, to be updated with future stock.


*If material is currently in stock.
Acrylic Stock



Cut to Size Acrylic: Melbourne is based in Narre Warren (across from Fountain Gate Shopping Centre), operating out of Showcase Plastics and Displays. With all orders we provide free phone support, and can supply couriers at an affordable price. We can also provide added extras, such as flame polishing, CNC routing, and acrylic displays, for more information please visit Showcase Plastics, or contact us here.

Showcase Plastics: The Team

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Simon and Cindy

Simon and Cindy founded Showcase Plastics in 2002, after 15 years in the industry. A decade later and Showcase Plastics is still the service many companies rely on, due to fast turn around times, professionalism and old-fashioned service.


As a qualified signwriter, being in the industry for the length of his career, Leigh brings new ideas and possibilities to Showcase Plastics, for example, aluminium light boxes are now possible with his past experience as a welder. His artistic background has strengthened his eye for detail, yet another assurance completed jobs don’t only leave the factory on time, but are completed to the expectation any customer may hold.


Initially working as a qualified cabinet maker, a skill we utilize in many POS products and acrylic light-boxes, Paul currently operates the CNC router, which we use to cut out letter faces and flat cut letters. He’s also proficient at LED installations, as many of our jobs require luminance, which is installed in-house.


Dougie initially began with plastic fabrication, LED installations and programming the CNC router, before operating it on a full-time basis. Currently he spends much of his time on advertising and promotion, through maintenance of the Showcase Plastics website.


At Showcase Plastics when deciding on the use of materials maybe Polycarbonate is for you.

// February 13th, 2013 // Comments Off on At Showcase Plastics when deciding on the use of materials maybe Polycarbonate is for you. // Blog, General Information

See below or come in and talk to us before ordering your fabricated goods. We can help you decide if its right for your use, whether its for the latest 3D signage or a run of machine guards we will go through the options.

It’s more expensive but only marginally, yet it’s lifetime expectancy is far greater.

Polycarbonate Sheet (AKA:Polycarb)

Manufactured using world class extrusion technology. It has not got a unique molecular structure and is usually derived from rigid monomers. Its called many things, we often use MAKROLON®. The Polycarbonates have been designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s signage and fabrication, amongst many other uses.

We use two of three types

GP(general purpose): A polycarbonate sheet for general purpose applications that require superior impact protection without additional abrasion or UV resistance.
UV(ultra violet): A co-extruded polycarbonate sheet or reel, offering exceptional weather ability and impact strength. The ideal choice for flat or moulded applications where extended service life and resistance to colour shift is required.

Suggested uses are

Where a sign is outside and at risk of vandalism / uv rays.
Car / 4WD / boat shields or light covers
Where you want a longer life out of your signage
Machine guards

Product Features:

  • Excellent clarity & self extinguishing.
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • 250 times greater impact than glass
  • Temperature resistance (120o C)


Interesting fact 1: Contact lenses are often made from polycarb

Interesting fact 2: Heat is not needed to bend polycarb

Interesting fact 3: It has a higher moisture content than acrylic when bent

Interesting fact 4: It is a good electrical insulator

Interesting fact 5: Riot shields are made from polycarb

Scott Eduati / The Cake Stop

// February 6th, 2013 // Comments Off on Scott Eduati / The Cake Stop // Testimonial

Thanks again for the quick turnaround last week

Showcase Plastics have always made our cake stands to the highest quality. The stands are always ready on time and at very competitive prices.
Showcase Plastics have been able to produce large cake stands at very short notice and all stands we have purchased have been exactly what we have wanted.
We will continue to use Showcase Plastics for our cake stands and will recommend Showcase Plastics to our customers.

We are ready to start a new year Fabricating at Showcase Plastics and Displays.

// January 18th, 2013 // No Comments » // Blog, General Information

We have come back with Vigour and a bigger team. Big enough to take on your work but not so big it’s an impersonal atmosphere.


We are looking forward to a productive year in the 3D signage and POS areas. We have come up with a new and exciting list of ideas that we hope to put into manufacture at some point soon.

Take a look at the football display box and see if it’s an idea for the ‘hard to buy for boyfriend’, or maybe you own a sports memorabilia shop and think this is a service you like to offer. We can sell trade to you and you can do your own mark up. We can make them all manner of shapes and sizes, we are also developing an illuminated version. For those with a little more to spend we could CNC Router cut one of the cabinet faces with a name of the sportsman you want to showcase and illuminate that.


If you are a sign company and are looking for a new supplier, we would like to be given the opportunity to quote your next job or next many jobs. Come down and see us for a more visual concept and talk to us about what we do.

We have a strong belief in doing what it is we do well. We have also identified what stands us apart from all the others and we believe it comes down to two simple things; Quality and Reliability. These are the words customers keep saying to us when they return.


Whether it be CNC routing, POS displays such as table talkers, condiment holders and menu holders or light box covers, whether it be a chain store needing 3D signage for a brand change or update or a one of signage customers job that you need to outsource to us, we will accommodate you. Our turnaround times, albeit fluctuating, are more than reasonable in this industry. We have great rapport with the Signage companies we supply to and have a very good reputation as a reliable supplier.


We work with Acrylic, Perspex, Composite panel, foam, PVC, MDF and a few other things down here at Showcase Plastics and Displays, so talk to us about your requirements.

Maybe you need a quote, or you just want to run an idea/request by us or perhaps you want to come and see some work in progress, just call and come and see us then.


Cindy or Madison would love to take your call or one of the boys may answer…we have a very hands on approach here.


3805 VIC

Phone: (03) 8790 3082
Mobile: 0438 076 678

Phone: 8790 3082 Email: