At Showcase Plastics when deciding on the use of materials maybe Polycarbonate is for you.

See below or come in and talk to us before ordering your fabricated goods. We can help you decide if its right for your use, whether its for the latest 3D signage or a run of machine guards we will go through the options. It's more expensive but only marginally, yet it's lifetime expectancy is far greater.

Polycarbonate Sheet (AKA:Polycarb)

Manufactured using world class extrusion technology. It has not got a unique molecular structure and is usually derived from rigid monomers. Its called many things, we often use MAKROLON®. The Polycarbonates have been designed to meet the demanding needs of today's signage and fabrication, amongst many other uses.

We use two of three types

GP(general purpose): A polycarbonate sheet for general purpose applications that require superior impact protection without additional abrasion or UV resistance. UV(ultra violet): A co-extruded polycarbonate sheet or reel, offering exceptional weather ability and impact strength. The ideal choice for flat or moulded applications where extended service life and resistance to colour shift is required.

Suggested uses are

Where a sign is outside and at risk of vandalism / uv rays. Car / 4WD / boat shields or light covers Where you want a longer life out of your signage Machine guards

Product Features:

  • Excellent clarity & self extinguishing.
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • 250 times greater impact than glass
  • Temperature resistance (120o C)
  Interesting fact 1: Contact lenses are often made from polycarb Interesting fact 2: Heat is not needed to bend polycarb Interesting fact 3: It has a higher moisture content than acrylic when bent Interesting fact 4: It is a good electrical insulator Interesting fact 5: Riot shields are made from polycarb

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